I'm Mac. I am from Miami but I am based in Jacksonville Florida. I have been taking pictures since I was around 8 years old when I was given my first Polaroid camera. From that point I experimented and learned as much as I could on my own. I went to University of North Florida and graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography. 

I fell in love with photographing people, I fell in love with the honesty a portrait can have, I fell in love with creating art with people and letting them see how beautiful they are.

I specialize in boudoir photography and other creative portraiture. I love to see you by yourself or with your partner in your most honest form. I want to tell your story, I want to convey who you are. 

When I'm not photographing you, you can catch me behind the bar making fancy cocktails or laying on my couch watching Love Island (UK obviously, the rest are trash) with my partner and my dog.

I would love to create art with you.

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